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About the Founder & Author


Dr Sarifa Alonto Younes


Change Your Perspective  & Find the Freedom to Succeed

Dr Sarifa Alonto Younes


Dr. Sarifa Alonto Younes is a multiple award winning International Speaker,  Serial Edupreneur, Best-Selling Author and a Philanthropist. 

Sarifa is the President and Founder of the International Academy of Marawi (I AM), Philippines; Director and Co-Founder of Training College of Australia; CEO and Founder of Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre; Global Director of Speakers Tribe Women, Australia and Australia Country Chair on Business Networking under the auspices of ALL Ladies League.

Sarifa holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Master's Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology,  Master’s Degree in Education & Training and  Doctorate in Education.

Being an orphan at a very young age of ten, her education, rich leadership experiences and background made her a strong voice on the international stage. She speaks on education, organizational change, women empowerment, leadership and management. She resides in Melbourne Australia with her husband, Hassan, and her four children.

As a leader of leaders and a giver to givers, she is admired for her ability to listen and support those in need. Sarifa has a passion for education and love for humanity, and dreams of a world where young girls and orphans are given a fighting chance at a quality life, and the ability not only to survive scarcity, but to be able to savour in the gifts and rewards education can provide. 


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Her achievements have earned her as a multiple award winner locally and globally : a recipient of Australia 2018 AusMumpreneur Multicultural Business Excellence Award; 2020 Mother Theresa Award, WOHA United Kingdom; 2021 Philanthropy Award, World Women Vision Awards. She is a WAW Honorary Award Hall of Fame and Honorary life member of ALL Ladies League. And Australia Country Chair for Business Networking under the auspices ALL Ladies League. Recently, she received the prestigious IIUM Alumni AHAS KIRKHS Award 2022 from International Islamic University Malaysia.  

Her #1 Best-Selling book, Love Your obstacles, received a Bronze Medal Award at Golden Door-REX Karmaveer Truth-Writer Fellowship & Chakra Awards, which is instituted by iCongo and in partnership with United Nations. Also an Honorary mention at Golden Door 2021- Truth & Integrity of the Written Word. 

In her book , Love Your Obstacles, she sheds light on how we can grow and overcome our challenges and turn them into opportunities. Sarifa is also a co-author of 4 number 1 Best-Selling books. She is co-authoring few more book and her another book on women leadership is about to be published.

Sarifa is now in the process of expanding her existing orphanage program by establishing a comprehensive orphanage facilities for orphaned girls in the Phillipines.

The Book showcase

New Release

Leading from the Heart
By Dr Sarifa Alonto Younes

Leading from the Heart" is a compelling memoir and leadership guide by Dr Sarifa Alonto Younes, a trailblazing female business leader who has shattered glass ceilings and redefined what it means to lead with grace, empathy, and unwavering determination. In this powerful book, [Your Name] shares her extraordinary journey of becoming a compassionate yet resolute leader in the competitive world of business.

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With warmth and authenticity, Dr Sarifa invites readers into her world, revealing the pivotal moments and lessons that shaped her into the empathetic and visionary leader she is today. Drawing from her extensive experience, she paints a vivid picture of the challenges and triumphs she faced while maintaining a leadership style rooted in heart-centered values.

"Leading from the Heart" isn't just a memoir; it's a roadmap for aspiring female leaders and anyone seeking to lead with compassion without sacrificing success. Dr Sarifa believes that empathy and determination are not mutually exclusive but can, in fact, be the cornerstone of effective leadership.

Throughout the book, readers will gain valuable insights into building strong teams, fostering a culture of inclusivity, and navigating the complexities of the business world with authenticity. Dr Sarifa shares anecdotes and strategies for handling tough decisions, overcoming obstacles, and inspiring teams to achieve greatness.

In a world where leadership is often associated with toughness and rigidity, "Leading from the Heart" challenges the status quo and demonstrates that a leader can be both compassionate and firm. Dr Sarifa's success stories serve as a testament to the power of leading with heart, and she encourages readers to embrace their unique leadership style.

This book is a heartfelt invitation to lead with authenticity, resilience, and a commitment to both personal and professional growth. "Leading from the Heart" is a tribute to the potential of female leaders and an inspirational guide for anyone looking to transform their leadership style and make a lasting impact on their organisation and beyond. Join Dr Sarifa Alonto Younes on this empowering journey, and discover the transformative power of leading from the heart.


Dr Sarifa Alonto-Younes will be launching her inspiring book at the Authors Book Launch and Expo 2024 in Melbourne, Australia. Come along and join the celebration of this launch and get your signed copy of her book.  Sarifa will be available to sign your purchased copy of her book.

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Authors Book Launch and Expo 2022

4 - 5 October 2024

Crown Conferences Melbourne

8 Whiteman St, Melbourne


Dr Sarifa Alonto-Younes

Mob +61 455 046 564.

I am looking forward to meeting you at the Authors Book Launch and Expo to share with you my story and showcase my book to you. 

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